EX-CRAW “Extant / Extinct” Next For Cubo de Sangre On LP And CD In Editions Of 666 Pissed Off Copies.

April 3rd, 2014

These devils from Downunder bring brought the pain, hate & frustration that stokes my fire.  Check it out below and while you subject yourself here’s what they had to say about their band.  The Craw was formed a while ago, released some demos, split CD and 7″, played a bunch of gigs and a couple of small tours.  One guitarist was kicked out for being useless and unreliable.  The band decided to change the name as both sound and lyrical content were refined.  The new incarnation became Ex-Craw and began as a 3-piece with Oli on Drums, Shane on Bass and Billy on Guitar. We all did vocals. The first demo we recorded was the Extinct songs in 2011, which was recorded by Grobi who joined the band soon after on guitar. We continued until 2013 and recorded the Extant songs, soon after deciding to call the band quits after further lineup issues.”

They also gave me a shorter version for those with short attention spans.  “…just another punk band with a passion for fast thrash and social commentary.  We have all played in other insignificant punk bands, not worth a mention.”

Keep an eye out for preorders on bandcamp and cubodesangrecom.  Side A of the LP will be the most recent Ex-Craw recording sessions from late last 2013. Side B will be the 2011 sessions knows as the “Extinct” demo.  Overall this will be 18 ripping political pieces of thrashy hardcore meanness.  If you like Raw Power or just like to fight then this might be for you.


Extant Mini

Opinions On The Vulgaari LP/CD

February 18th, 2014

Think the album is just too bad ass and you want to confirm that you’re not on crack…(well, no worries even if you are)?  Here are links to some reviews and snippets from each.


Vulgaari band


The Metal Observer

“For a debut album, this is really an excellent release. There’s so much nuance, layering, and naturally structured riffing going on that there’s almost always something distinctly badass for your ear to latch onto, especially on a track like “Lie”, an enormous head-banging composition that’s Metal all day long. Other standout tracks like the jamming “Black Mountain” and the Southern-tinged “77 74” cruise about with infectious solos and moments of dramatic drumming. The songs aren’t short, the majority of them playing over the seven-minute mark, but again, when something as Bluesy and preposterously heavy as “Outride the Reaper” comes rolling forth, like it or not, you’re goin’ for that ride.”

“Brooding, dense, and with the right proportions of melody, VULGAARI’s debut should have Metal fans the galaxy over taking notice.”


Grave Dig

Talking about originality is only valid for a semi good album where an artist might have tried to push a certain genre boundary to some extent but when the overall music is such enjoyable as Vulgaari, you would want to swallow it with every way possible.”
“So we have already learned about how good Vulgaari is and the almost perfect ability to blend doom / death/ stoner genre giving a whole array for the fans to look into something crisp for the future. Not that it wasn’t tried out before but where Vulgaari stands out from the rest of the packs is mainly in the flow and texture of the songs.”


The Sludgelord

“Vulgaari is a 9 song 57 minute masterpiece of Stoner/Sludge Metal music. What they have done is got all the best aspects of  Sludge, Stoner, Thrash, Death-Metal, Doom and put their own unique brilliant creative spin to release one of the best Crossover Sludge/Thrash/Stoner Metal debut releases I have had the pleasures to hear.”



“Vulgaari’s self-titled effort has the type of guitar work that is the sonic equivalence of a steak knife slowly piercing a person’s face from forehead to neck. It’s that crushing defeat, the agonizing pain that can only be snuffed by death, that equates this record to prime-cut sludge metal. It doesn’t hurt to incorporate some of the more rancid aspects of doom metal, or death/doom if you want to level it down to a specific genre type. If there’s one thing to take away from Vulgaari, it’s that they know how to make the most out of the concept of “harmony.””


No Clean Singing

“Based on those two songs, I will say this: Vulgaari bring down mountain-sized blasts of ultra-sludgy, catastrophic doom, riven by flashes of swirling melodic guitar melodies that echo off the collapsing granite walls. Listening is like an ethereal journey through space-time at the final implosion of the cosmos. It’s massively heavy stuff, but it’s a narcotic head-trip at the same time.”



“Vulgaari by Vulgaari will most probably disappear without a trace into the annals of metal…

…however for those that give it even a single listen it’ll exist for that time when life sucks, you want to get wasted and ALL other music fails.

And for that reason alone this review had to exist.”‘


Heavy Planet

“I can’t find a red flag here. Vulgaari break from the pack and serve every metal fan a dose of all they’ve ever needed. There’s no picking and choosing, no sampler pack. This is stoner-sludge-doom kissed with melodic power metal, all beautifully realized and well-executed. The steady burn makes you forget the ache, while the licks simply daze and astound. The next time some pretentious black metal prick in a Behemoth t-shirt wants to attack your patches or dismiss Post Progressive Blackened Avant Thrashgrind Thallcore, perhaps he’s just asking for you to introduce him to Vulgaari. Immediately after you punch him in the face.”



“Cubo de Sangre is a brand new label and Vulgaari’s debut is their first offering to the metal world. Goddamn, did they pick a great way to kick things off! From the gruesome cover to the massively heavy music, everything about Vulgaari is striking. This is one of the best sludge/doom debuts of recent years and already this band has surpassed the output of many more seasoned acts in their sub-genre.”

“Doom and sludge is the essence of Vulgaari, but dust that up with touches of death metal and heavy psych and you’ve  got the idea. There is something about this band’s songwriting that elevates the tracks above the usual and makes them more memorable than the run of the mill sludge filling the racks these days. The heaviness is omnipresent and warm, thick riffs wash over you like a wave of cement with the opening salvo of “A World Created”. Lots of down-tuned bassiness on display here and the death metal influence comes with the roaring vocals that are pushed to the back of the mix.”


Aquarius Records

“So sheer wall-of-FUZZ heaviness is indeed a big part of their equation. But what makes their catastrophic, claustrophobic crush work for us is the way it’s interspersed with spacious ambience and eerie trippiness and sometimes out-and-out BEAUTIFUL guitar not-so-gently-weeping moments. Harmonies and all that. Gorgeous harmonies. Yeah, that’s a major factor contributing to the greatness of Vulgaari, they’re a sludge band that’s more than just about the filthy “sound” and the slowness (though they have all that checked off for sure), they’ve also got some melodic, very “metal” lead guitar shred going on too, which, with the occasional squealing lick, reminds us a little bit of Zakk Wylde. In the context, though, of druggy-spacey-evil atmosphere and uber-low-end chugging riffage, “bendy” riffage that’s usually in super slo-mo but sometimes speeds up to bulldozing effect.”


Metal Music Archives

“The opening track ‘A World Created’, which starts straight in the middle of a crushingly heavy doom-laden riff pretty much sets the tone for the rest of the album. Making use of crunchy and brutal-sounding downtuned guitars, Vulgaari’s debut album does have a bit of a sludgy sound to it, but, for my money, it is much less generic and much more interesting than most ultra-heavy sludge metal I have come across. This is, at its core, doom metal.”


And here’s an interview for good measure.




The Stench Of Burning Crust

February 4th, 2014

This past Halloween we celebrated by unleashing the almighty debut album from Swordwielder. “Grim Visions Of Battle” is on both LP and CD.  The first 100 copies of the LP are on 180gr. blood red vinyl. People who order from Cubo de Sangre will receive this version until they are gone. The other 900 copies are on black vinyl. We’ve also slipped a compact disc of the songs in with the LP, so burn (baby burn) those mp3′s.  Yeah, I know I basically copied Saturday’s post but evil has no conscience.

Here you can see the LP package.  It is NOT a double LP.  There is only one slab of wax.  I’m just showing you both colors.  And I forgot to put the compact disc in the picture but you’ll get one and it comes in the paper sleeve same as our other fine vinyl LP’s.


LDMP 3 LP Package

D-Beat Bitches From Hell

February 1st, 2014

This soul-searing offering (dis)graced our presence back on August 22nd and is available on both CD and LP. These are each limited to 666 copies. The first 100 copies of the LP are on 180gr. blood red vinyl. People who order from Cubo de Sangre will receive this version until they are gone. The other 566 copies are on black vinyl. We’ve also slipped a compact disc of the songs in with the LP, so burn (baby burn) those mp3′s.

Here’s a shot of the LP package.  It is NOT a double LP.  There is only one slab of wax.  I’m just showing you both colors.


Bitch Witch "s/t" LP Cubo de Sangre

BITCH WITCH EP To Be Released via Cubo de Sangre

August 12th, 2013

Madrid, Spain’s BITCH WITCH will see their debut EP released on August 22nd via Cubo de Sangre. BITCH WITCH was formed in late 2011 by three DISmaniacs, paying tribute to all things primitive and helter skelter. The band self-recorded the EP at their rehearsal space in August of 2012.

The BITCH WITCH self-titled EP will be available on CD and limited edition vinyl. The LP pressing is limited to 666 copies on black or red vinyl. Pre-orders are available now in the web store.

BITCH WITCH is the second release for Cubo de Sangre. Cubo de Sangre is the first extreme metal label to call the state of Hawaii home, with a satellite office just outside of the Philadelphia area. With roots firmly planted in all things metal & punk, Cubo de Sangre is hell bent on unearthing a sublimely vile mix of evil and unruly.

Vulgaari Double LP

March 24th, 2013

All colors currently available, each in limited amounts!

$15 (+s/h) comes with 2xLP, side D – kick ass etching, gatefold packaging and a copy of the CD.

Vulgaari Live!

March 23rd, 2013

A rare live performance

Swordwielder Sign To Cubo de Sangre

March 23rd, 2013

Sweden’s SWORDWIELDER has singed to Cubo de Sangre records to release their debut full-length album this spring. The band is currently recording the yet-untitled album in Gothenburg.

SWORDWIELDER has previously self-released a four-song demo last year as a limited CD-R and cassette release. Both physical formats have sold out but the demo is available digitally through the band’s BandCamp page:WieldtheSword.bandcamp.com.

SWORDWIELDER is confirmed to perform at the K-Town Hardcore Fest 2013 in Copenhagen, Denmark on June 21, 2013. More information on this festival can be found here: http://www.songkick.com/festivals/656554/id/15929624-ktown-hardcore-fest-2013?utm_source=1471&utm_medium=partner.

Vulgaari Out Now!

March 23rd, 2013

Vulgaari LP Cover

A craftwork of immense doom and soulful sludge, the brilliant self-titled debut from VULGAARI is frocked with illustrative guitar leads over deep bass and momentous drum sounds. “Vulgaari” takes the extremes of doom to the edge with vocals that exemplify a fire that burns slow, deep and hot. Originally heavy and uncompromising with its quest, VULGAARI successfully pay tribute to the restless spirit of the open road.

Upon being self-released digitally through Bandcamp, “Vulgaari” was quickly recognized as the ideal debut release of Cubo de Sangre. VULGAARI, Finnish for “vulgar”, is Zack Kinsey and Brent Hedtke with an extended live line-up.

Order now through the webstore on CD and/or limited edition double LP!

Welcome to Cubo de Sangre

December 21st, 2012

Welcome to Cubo de Sangre, an oasis of Evil & Anarchy in the fiery pits of Hell.  Built proudly upon loose morals, bad decisions, and distorted guitars, Cubo de Sangre’s entrance to Hades sits up the mountainside overlooking the blackened volcanic shores of Hawai’i.  I present these offerings for you to hear the sounds and see the sights of defiance, rebellion and hate.  If Metal is the God of your Punk Rock heart then you’ve probably come to the right place, and if your hatred for authority compels you to spit in the face of true evil then you are most certainly the guests we crave at El Diablo’s table.